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GW1:150lbs June 22, 2013
GW2:145lbs June 29, 2013
GW3:140lbs July 3, 2013

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06/29/2012 Diary.

 I lost weight! Again! Yay! :)It’s my birthday today! :) Hopefully I won’t indulge so much on food today or this weekend.

Anyways, I checked my weight this morning and to my surprise I lost another 2 lbs! :) I’m so happy for my achievement and I can’t wait to achieve my ultimate goal weight. I know it’s still far but at least I have some progress.

This week has been not so productive for me. I haven’t gone to the gym!! :O (This is bad, I know ); ) But I’ve been walking and climbing stairs in school all day (can’t wait to post here the photo of the flight of stairs I go to every morning if I’m late for school. It’s kinda a shortcut and faster way rather than driving all the way to school :p) and I haven’t eaten much either. That’s why I was shocked and at the same time happy when I saw that I still lost some lbs. I do exercise somehow at home, but not as rigorous as when I am in the gym. I only use stepper while in the gym there’s the treadmill plus the different weight machines.

Anyways, me and my boyfriend are celebrating my birthday later at the mall. We’re eating at Cibo! An Italian place I think./ Hopefully I get to eat what’s right and in moderation. ;)

Stay positive and keep in mind that health is wealth!


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  1. castiel-of-marvel said: Yay! I’m so proud of you :) I lost 6.6 lbs this week, and I didn’t even go to the gym :D
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